• The StarCraft Business Model

    The StarCraft Business Model

    No, this isn’t a post about logging into battle.net while you’re on the clock. Nor is it a post that outlines the strategies that will finally undermine those Koreans that you can’t seem to defeat. No, this is about what I believe much of corporate America is missing.

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  • Onyx CSS Icon

    Onyx CSS Icon

    Using Only CSS When you are a designer that also does development, it seems that the two jobs have a constant ebb and flow. There are times when I spend a week or two without even writing a single div tag. On the other hand, there are days and weeks that I don’t even open […]

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  • My Design Journal

    My Design Journal

    Keeping a Record If the inconsistency of this blog is any indication, I’ve always been bad at keeping a journal. I’ve never really felt passionate or excited about doing it. When Day One came along, a journal application built by Paul Mayne for Mac and iOS, I thought it was an awesome app. It made […]

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  • iPhone Blueprints

    iPhone Blueprints

    For the last year, I have been juggling a project that involves something I have never done before — I wrote a book. Truth be told, the project started shortly after the experience I describe in the case study of chapter 5. I felt that I actually had experience to share that could benefit others. […]

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  • Mobile Email Campaigns

    Mobile Email Campaigns

    The world of web design has been changing for some time now. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, there is a need to provide content that adapts to devices other than desktop computers. “Responsive web design” and “mobile-first” are common phrases thanks to Ethan Marcotte and Luke Wroblewski. I believe that this movement […]

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  • Great Beginnings

    Great Beginnings

    Joining Ender Labs I have been working at Neutron Interactive for over two years now. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Zach Holmquist, an extremely talented developer. As some of you might know, over a year ago we began creating iOS apps together. This started with EventBoard for iPad […]

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  • Onyx for iPad

    Onyx for iPad

    What I’ve Been Working On… It has been quite some time since I made a post about a project that I’ve been working on. Lately, my efforts have been focussed on an iPad app named Onyx. It allows you to explore and create color swatches in a very exciting way. Seeing this app come to […]

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  • A is for Apple, and V for Vendetta

    A is for Apple, and V for Vendetta

    The Attitude of a Brand If you were to ask ten designers for the difference between branding and identity, you’d get ten different answers. Regardless, I’m going to give you my own definition. To me, it’s a simple distinction. Branding is the attitude of a company or product, while identity is the physical manifestations of […]

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  • South Park Wallpaper

    South Park Wallpaper

    OMG! They Killed Kenny! In honor of the second half of the South Park season starting this week, I thought I would do something special. This is a South Park ‘Who Killed Kenny’ wallpaper that I put together. I like it best on my iPad home screen. Enjoy! Choose Your Format: iMac iPad iPhone

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  • The Handier Handyman

    The Handier Handyman

    I Can’t help but make a comment about these two companies. Both of them are actively pushing their brand through tv spots, both of them are very well known names, and both of them offer the exact same services and products. And at first glance, their commercials might even seem similar. However, there is a […]

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