Great Beginnings

Great Beginnings

Joining Ender Labs

I have been working at Neutron Interactive for over two years now. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Zach Holmquist, an extremely talented developer. As some of you might know, over a year ago we began creating iOS apps together. This started with EventBoard for iPad and quickly spread to other internal and freelance projects. Somewhere along the line, a quazi skunk works was started at Neutron to facility these projects — we called it Ender Labs.

It wasn’t much longer until this initiative started to build momentum. What had been 20% time was quickly becoming full-time. It became obvious that if we were serious about this, we would have to have be in with both feet. An official Ender Labs team was created, and Zach was allowed to develop apps full-time. He was also allowed to hire Donald Hays, an iOS development genius. I was forced to linger a little longer to wrap up my current projects for Neutron, but I soon joined the team full-time as well.

The Present

Today, Ender Labs is its own entity. At the beginning of this year, we officially severed the tie between us and Neutron to become our own company. It is an exciting opportunity to work in a small team that is focused on innovation and app development. We have many exciting projects to keep us busy, and I am honored to be working alongside some incredibly talented individuals.

Scott Jensen

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