My Design Journal

My Design Journal

Keeping a Record

If the inconsistency of this blog is any indication, I’ve always been bad at keeping a journal. I’ve never really felt passionate or excited about doing it. When Day One came along, a journal application built by Paul Mayne for Mac and iOS, I thought it was an awesome app. It made keeping a journal so easy and intuitive. But the problem remained — I still didn’t really care to keep one.

That was before Day One included the ability to upload photos to the post. When I heard this feature was coming to the app, I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for — a design journal. I spend day after day creating designs at home and at work. Some of it goes live, some of it doesn’t. But behind all of these designs, there is a story of rework, redesign, and growth. I’ve never been one for keeping old sketches or rough drafts of my designs. With Day One, that is no longer a problem. I can keep a record of what I work on each day. I can see how a design progresses. I can even see how my personal style and abilities improve over time.

It’s a shame that I don’t put more value into keeping a personal journal; I can admit that. But at the very least, I’m keeping an archive of everything that I have the opportunity to create and design each day. Design is incredibly important to me. Being able to see where I’ve come from and how I’ve developed as a designer is a priceless resource. Day One is an excellent app and the perfect tool to provide that record. Whether you’re like me, using it to keep a design archive, or you’re using it to keep a traditional journal, it is absolutely worth the investment.

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