• My Typographic Desk

    My Typographic Desk

    A few months ago, I finished up on a project here at my home work station. I posted a quick photo on twitter with the intention of releasing more information about it. Well, better late than never, right? Here is my Ikea typographic desk mod. It was plenty of work, but it has definitely proven […]

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  • My Printing Vendors

    My Printing Vendors

    Recently, JD Skinner asked me on twitter what vendors I recommend for my print projects. I figured this is probably a good thing to share. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with printers, and it is always more useful to work from referrals rather than to try and find a good printer on your […]

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  • Know the Mouse for iPhone

    Know the Mouse for iPhone

    This is one of the latest projects I’ve been working on with Zach Holmquist. It is a Disneyland trivia app for iPhone. If you are a closet Disneyland freak, this is definitely an app for you. It really will test your knowledge of all things Disney. The graphics were a blast to work on, and […]

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  • My Dribbble Shot

    My Dribbble Shot

    Apparently, I’m not cool enough for Dribbble. That’s ok, I’ll survive. But if I was cool enough, this would have been one of my recent shots. It’s another app for the iPad that I have been working on with Zach Holmquist. This is a shot of one of the settings menus that offers a color […]

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  • Eventboard App for iPad

    Eventboard App for iPad

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a project called EventBoard as an extra-curricular activity at work. You might call it a 20% project – yes, Neutron Interactive is awesome enough to encourage 20% projects. It was a collaborative effort between myself, Dane Thurber, and Zach Holmquist. The app has a sexy interface, […]

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  • Cultivating Creativity

    Cultivating Creativity

    Creativity is a resource – you can buy it You’re about to learn how much of a nerd I really am. I recently bought Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Most people forked out around $60 for this game – I spent $100 for the collectors edition. You might ask, ‘really Scott? An extra $40 for […]

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  • Banksy & the Visual Metaphor

    Banksy & the Visual Metaphor

    Visual Metaphors, at their finest, can be the most powerful forms of communication. They are made when a subject is portrayed in relation to another unrelated subject or context. These visual metaphors are all around us. They are found in the most memorable and witty advertising campaigns and political cartoons. In the case of Banksy, […]

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  • D-Box or D-Bust?

    D-Box or D-Bust?

    If you don’t already know, D-box is a new type of theater experience. It involves special seats that provide interaction between the viewer and the movie. It shakes, it sways, etc. The Megaplex theater at the District is the only place that you can find these in Utah. I drove an extra hour and paid […]

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  • New Site Design

    A Time for Change I created my original flash portfolio site well over a year ago. At the time, it was one of my highest achievements regarding web and interactive design. Since then, technology has begun to shift. Flash seems to be a web development tool that is on its way out the door. I […]

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  • Auto Insurance Face-off

    Auto Insurance Face-off

    Maybe you’ve noticed, but the auto insurance portion of advertising has exploded. Seriously, watch TV and tell me it hasn’t. I see two, sometimes three, commercials from different companies during one commercial block. So, naturally, I’ve pitted them against one another. Which brand has the most effective advertising campaign? First, let’s establish some parameters so […]

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