• The StarCraft Business Model

    The StarCraft Business Model

    No, this isn’t a post about logging into battle.net while you’re on the clock. Nor is it a post that outlines the strategies that will finally undermine those Koreans that you can’t seem to defeat. No, this is about what I believe much of corporate America is missing.

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  • Onyx CSS Icon

    Onyx CSS Icon

    Using Only CSS When you are a designer that also does development, it seems that the two jobs have a constant ebb and flow. There are times when I spend a week or two without even writing a single div tag. On the other hand, there are days and weeks that I don’t even open […]

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  • My Design Journal

    My Design Journal

    Keeping a Record If the inconsistency of this blog is any indication, I’ve always been bad at keeping a journal. I’ve never really felt passionate or excited about doing it. When Day One came along, a journal application built by Paul Mayne for Mac and iOS, I thought it was an awesome app. It made […]

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  • iPhone Blueprints

    iPhone Blueprints

    For the last year, I have been juggling a project that involves something I have never done before — I wrote a book. Truth be told, the project started shortly after the experience I describe in the case study of chapter 5. I felt that I actually had experience to share that could benefit others. […]

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  • Mobile Email Campaigns

    Mobile Email Campaigns

    The world of web design has been changing for some time now. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, there is a need to provide content that adapts to devices other than desktop computers. “Responsive web design” and “mobile-first” are common phrases thanks to Ethan Marcotte and Luke Wroblewski. I believe that this movement […]

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