Putting Your Dribbble Likes to Work

Putting Your Dribbble Likes to Work

If you’re anything like me, you frequently come across amazing shots on Dribbble, you like them, and then, before you know it, you’ve forgotten about them. That’s the end of the story. The shot gets buried in your account history, likely to never be seen again. I’m a big believer that creative inspiration is usually found in others’ creative content, and I decided to actually make something happen with those Dribbble shots.

Remember screensavers? Just like payphones, those long-ago hallmarks of box monitors are relics of obsolete technology. But that doesn’t mean a screensaver has to be useless. My office and desk are surrounded by things that inspire me or push my imagination, why should this big black rectangle (or two of them, rather) sit on my desk without anything inspiring to offer?

So rather than just liking something on Dribbble (or anywhere, for that matter) and then forgetting about it. I now follow that like with a right click > save image. That image goes inside a Dropbox folder shared between all of my computers, and I set OSX’s “Shifting Tiles” screensaver to sync with it.


The result is an ever-growing, personally curated source of inspiration that I see every time I sit down to work or spend time on my computer. It’s similar to Underbelly’s Apple TV screensaver, but it’s only shots I care about and doesn’t break any TOS agreements since the images aren’t being republished anywhere. It’s a pretty simple solution and a much welcomed addition to the office decor.

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